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About this site

This geoportal shows the contents created in the National Atlas of Spain of the 21st century (ANEXXI). It is aimed at anyone interested in the geography and history of Spain. The main graphic content is the map, which is supplemanted by other graphic resources and texts that helps to explain it.

On the home page you can consult the information by clicking on section images or by selecting the type of graphic resource (maps, statistical graphs, illustrations and images). Additional information related to the National Atlas of Spain has been added: viewers, map of the month, news and background information.

The texts contain hyperlinks to other pages of the ANEXXI's geoportal and to other external websites. In addition, its pages can be easily shared through social networks in order to widen the network of geographical knowledge.

Clicking on the graphic contents opens a multimedia viewer that allows, among other functionalities, the downloading of images. The cartographic base used for the maps and the maps themselves, general and thematic, can be downloaded with more definition and in different formats through links to the CNIG Download Centre or directly using the search engine of that application. If the supplying organisation allows it, downloaded files include statistical data and cartographic files for reuse in Geographic Information Systems.

The contents of the web pages are those that the researchers and teachers of the Network of scientific and academic organisations (ANEXXI Network) have selected for ANEXXI.